Toasty Feet - Chili

Pattern: Chili from Drops, free on Ravelry
Yarn: Drops Nepal
DPN 4.5mm for size small

Note: if you'd like to knit this pattern and you are size 5UK (38) or more, knit the ribbing for the ankle with size 4mm DPN instead of 4.5mm to compensate for the extra stitches in the pattern.

Mod: I didn't knit the last row from M.2 (row 14). Instead I finished grafting the remaining 10 stitches (5top and 5bottom). There are great videos on Youtube that shows you how to do it.

It's Cold Outside - Hot Water Bottle Cover

A ball of Super Bulky yarn that I'd been trying to get rid of for a while... It's finally found its perfect project!
I can't even remember what patterns I modified to get there... Probably a mix from Ravelry.

Neverending Cardigan - Lucky (me)

I started this cardigan when I was pregnant with E... (he is 2 1/2!) I left it, picked it up, left it again, picked up to rip what I had done months before... I almost gave it away unfinished to a knitting friend just to be rid of it... But sometimes you just need to stop whining and get on with your knitting.

Pattern: Lucky (me) by Solenn Couix-Loarer, PDF pattern available to buy on Ravelry here
Aran blend
4,5mm needles, 4mm for the collar and the cuffs

I lengthened it considerably and changed the back to have several smaller cables instead of a large central panel.
It's a great pattern and I will probably knit the original (hip length) version at some point.

Rannoch Mitts v2 - with thumb gusset instructions

Pattern: Rannoch by Corinne Edinger, free on Ravelry here
Yarn: Drops Lima - off white. 
I much prefer them with the thinner yarn, although they look identical!
 If you're interested, v1 is here

Same mods as last time (thank you Copy-Paste!)
5rows k1p1
shorter on the wrists, longer on the fingers
added a 1x1rib thumb gusset, instructions bellow (I hope they make sense...)

To add a thumb gusset:
Knit up your mitts following the pattern until you're happy with the length on the wrists (if you look on the pictures above, it gives you an idea of where the gusset starts)
There are 20st for the top of the hand (staghorn cable) and 22st for the palm (garter rib)
- End on a row where the palm is all k
- On the next row:
For the LEFT hand, you will be working on the last 6 stitches of the palm: K2, place marker (pm), P1 m1 P1, pm, K2 (43st, 3st between markers) (pictured below)
For the RIGHT hand, you will be working on the first 6 stitches of the palm: K2, place marker (pm), P1 m1 P1, pm, K2 (43st, 3st between markers)
From now on, instructions for the gusset will be the same for left and right hands. 

- The next row, the palm is all k, apart from the gusset in 1x1 rib: marker, P1 K1 P1, marker (3 st between markers)

- The following row, the palm is K2, P2, apart from the gusset: marker, M1, P1 K1 P1, M1, marker (5st between markers)

-  The following row, the palm is all k, apart from the gusset in 1x1 rib: marker, K1 P1 K1 P1 K1, marker (5st between markers)

Repeat the last two rows, icreasing after marker 1 and before marker 2, until you have 15st between markers (55st in total)

-Place the 15 stitches between markers on scrap yarn (you can try the mitt on and it doesn't distort your work like a stitch holder), and cast on 2st to replace the original st between the markers. (42 st)

Picture below is the RIGHT hand: K2, co2 (on right needle),15st on scrap yarn, ready to join to the rest of the palm on the left needle.

Finish the mitt, with the palm all in garter rib.

To knit the thumb, transfer the 15st on hold onto DPNs.
Work in 1x1 rib (following the gusset stitches) and pick up 3st at the top (total of 18st)

Continue working in 1x1 rib until you reach the desired length (I did 7 rows). Bind off, weave in the ends and enjoy your mitts!

Blanket for Benjamin

Another beautiful pattern from Lucy (Attic24).
Cosy Stripe Blanket, Free Pattern, here
Yarn: Stylecraft DK
Crochet hook 4.5mm

 Chain 105 to start.
I added rows of red bobbles for a pop of colour and extra texture. When I got to the border, the picots from the last round plus the bobbles seemed too much... So I tweaked it by not doing the chain 2 between the 2dc, giving me a flat edge.

I love how it turned out and I'm glad I took the time to work out the edging.
One for E next? He did like this one very much...