Welcome to Atelier Lanteri.

I'm Julie Lanteri and I used to spend most of my spare time making something... Then we moved house, had two gorgeous sons and like many women, I kind of lost myself along the way. J is now four, E is one and a half and it's time I reclaim who I am.
I want a fresh start, it's time to say goodbye to Lanteri designs. I have decided not to delete the old blog as it is a good way for me to trace my journey. In a few months time we will have a brand new creative space and I will be able to dust off the sewing machines and look at my piles of fabric again. To be fair, I think a lot of it will go into the "muslin only - what were you thinking" pile... nevermind, I can't wait!
While I'm itching to start sewing again, I'm working on a few essential things, like, you know, who I am, what is my style, colours and all that... Turns out I might not need all those lovely evening dress patterns after all...
I've also come a long way with my knitting skills and I'm paying more attention to yarn choices. If only I could finish something for me, that would be great!
So I'm hoping the new old me will be able to create quality clothes and accessories that fit and flatter (might as well...) and treat the special people in her life with handmade items they will cherish. There will be a lot of research and learning, aka Pinterest, Youtube and blogs... with a few "proper" books for good measure.

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Don't think it's been all doom and gloom... I turned my obsessive creative nature into other things... If you're interested in cooking, baking, gardening, have a look at Lanteri's Kitchen and its sister blog Lanteri's Kitchen - Sweet Little Things.